M e d i a

R e c o r d i n g s

Choreography by Neil Greenberg

Original Score by Zeena Parkins

Featuring harpists Kristen Theriault, Zeena Parkins and Shelley Burgon

"... the oddly graceful, undulating movements of the dancers, the jangly sounds of Zeena Parkins’s score, and Michael Stiller’s clear, bright light have the immediate effect of a poem. Meaning is compressed and harbored, to be released in thrilling fragments, inconclusive and richly layered.

It’s quite right that Mr. Greenberg includes the music in the dance’s title, since Ms. Parkins’s thrillingly varied score and the presence of the musicians are as vital to this work as the dancers — all excellent and exceedingly individual in presence."

- Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times

Sleeps the Noon in the Deep Blue Sky


featuring Janet Catherine Dea - soprano, Kristen Theriault - harp


Early One Morning

Jubal's Three

featuring Katy Hedalen - soprano, Marty Smyth - pipe organ and Kristen Theriault - harp


© 2012 by Kristen Theriault.